Glenwood State Bank's Adventure Club is a club for our customers 50 years of age and older who are looking for a little adventure in life. We are excited for this years adventures we have planned and are hoping you come along for the ride... 
The pictures to the right are from a couple of our 2010 adventures.  A boat tour on the St. Croix and a trip to Aamodt's Apple Farm.  This year will bring more adventure and fun your way!   
(In order to be an active Adventure Club member you must maintain one of the following Glenwood State Bank relationships.) 
  • Average monthly balance of $1,000 in a Glenwood State Bank checking account (or)
  • Average monthly balance of $2,500 in a Glenwood State Bank savings account (or)
  • Average monthly balance of $10,000 in total Glenwood State Bank deposits; checking, savings, or certificate of deposits.

  • 50% off your Glenwood State Bank safe deposit box
  • Group Adventures
  • Adventure Club Social Gatherings (2 per year)
    Contact Kyle Kaatz or Ashley Harvey in our Glenwood branch         at 320-634-5111 for more information. 
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