It has been exciting times at Glenwood State Bank.  Some may have heard, but in case you haven't, Glenwood State Bank was recently recognized by In View as a national example of excellence in community banking. 
In View, hosted by Larry King, produces educational television shows.  The show aims to produce quality educational programming that informs, educates and enlightens viewers.  In View, winner of many Telly Awards for its educational programming covers a wide variety of educational topics.   
This time, In View is informing its viewers how community banks are different from other banks and is focusing on the vital role community banks play in the American economy. 
It is an honor to be a community bank.  It is a greater honor yet, to be chosen as an example of excellence in community banking and a leader among community banks.  We are humbled.   
Click on our Newsletter page under Community Connection to learn more about the show as well as see show times. 
Peter J. Nelson  
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