Glenwood State Bank was recently recognized by In View as a national example of excellence in community banking. 
In View, hosted by Larry King, produces educational television shows.  The show aims to produce quality educational programming that informs, educates and enlightens viewers.  In View covers a variety of topics and has won many Telly Awards for its educational programming. 
As banks became a focal point of our nation's struggling economy over the past few years, In View noticed an important fact -- Not all banks are the same.  Community banks, although often co-mingled with larger banks by the media, are different.  The focus of community banks is their customers and the communities they serve rather than quarterly profits.  Community banks take additional risks to help the entrepreneurs of our nation turn dreams into realities, employing creativity and flexibility to do things larger banks simply won't do.  Community banks engage in long-term, relationship-based lending rather than transactions-based services.  The true measure of success for community banks is the success of the customer and the community.  In View realized that it WAS NOT community banks that drove our nation into the economic challenges, yet it WILL BE community banks leading the nation out! 
As a result, In View did a series of educational programs on community banks.  In this process, they looked for community banks around the country that stood out in the industry.  What criteria did they use to select the banks to be recognized?  They looked for banks that were financially successful and growing, banks that were making more loans than their peers, and banks that were faithfully and consistently giving back to their communities.  They looked for banks that were doing the things that made our American economy great and would be the catalyst for getting our nation back to being the economic world leader. 
We appreciate that community banks are being highlighted for the differences they are making in this country.   With almost 7,000 community banks nationwide, we are humbled to be recognized as an example of excellence in community banking and to be considered a leader among this highly-regarded group.  Glenwood State Bank works hard, and we are proud of what we have accomplished in our 107-year history.  Being recognized by In View and featured on national television is truly an honor. 
What does this honor mean for Glenwood State Bank going forward?  It fuels the fire of our desire to help our customers and the communities we serve be the best they can be!  
In View with Larry King featuring Glenwood State Bank aired Saturday, March 29, 2014.  If you missed it you can view our segment by clicking here. 
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